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Design Opinion: Comments Appreciated…

A new magazine arrived in the mail yesterday and these 2 pictures hit this Grandma over the head regarding design.  For what it’s worth…here is my opinion regarding appropriate prints in garments…..


If you ask yourself the questions I state above, my answers would be:

Left Photo:  I ONLY see the dress.  I feel one should dress to flatter the person – NOT to show off the dress.  Which, after all, is most important if you ultimately value the PERSON and not the THING??? Personally, I could see the print of the dress on the left on a bed, but that’s about all.  My opinion…

Right Photo:  I see the little girl IN the dress.  The scale of the print is appropriate for the little girl.  In much the same way, I wouldn’t put this great polka dot or popular fret print fabric (both of which my daughter would LOVE) on my sweet little granddaughter.



Like that slick way I showed off my grand baby???  Doll is her first – along with quilt that Nana here lovingly made for her.

Express YOUR opinions in the Comments below.

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