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Dear Stash, It's Time for a New Life

Updated: May 26, 2022

Dear Stash,

It's time for a new life!   Should I depart for heavenly duties any time in the next 20 years, I'm confident that others just won't see your  'creative opportunities'.  Therefore:  look toward a NEW BIRTH - as a useful garment in my collection: A Londa Original.   Funds raised in giving you this new life in a new closet on a new body will be used to send me on a mission trip for Jesus before I'm too old to entertain that thought.

Here are some of my pieces, including a peak at you, my Stash.   Sew...take a peak, and be inspired to start Up-Cycle Sewing of your own!

I divide my Stash by color. When Stash overflows a bin, I divide it knit or woven as I've done with my Blacks. Add to this a few more bins - big bins: Denim, sweaters, boiled wool....

Here are my Favorite Up-cycle Garments so far...

This garment just seemed to 'fall' together. It is a 'warm' grey, and I had fun trimming it up with my 'Fabric Fur' - bias strips of the leopard chiffon shirt. Click HERE for a video on how to create Fabric Fur.

For the Young at Heart: A Pokemon Shirt. Check out the Denim Fabric Fur at neckline and sleeve hems.

The drape on this garment is inspired by a garment that I purchased with the intent of copying the design. I love designing with stripes and find them extremely versatile.

And here's a back view of this garment - definitely one of my favorites! I usually try to direct stripes vertical or diagonally up and outward to the shoulder to create a wider shoulder line, making hips look smaller. Aside note: my mannequin is a size 8 or so. This garment is an XL.

This idea came from a book on T-Shirt refashioning and it was SO easy! That's the neckline for the armhole at the left and the bottom of the T for the drapey armhole at the right. Trim? An inexpensive Walmart T. The patch of striped T at the lower right? To cover a small hole...leading to the addition of patches in a couple of more places.

Jeans provide endless up-cycling fun. Here's the glitziest one of several vests I've created by up-ending the jeans so that the top becomes...the bottom of a vest.

Spot on a T? Cut it up the front, the spots off, and replace with fabric in a soft front drape. Each Stash Bin contains men's ties that have been ripped apart and laundered. This navy tie provides the perfect bias 'trim' and accent for this jacket.

I also have a stash of patterns. How about you? But this proves why - for the shaping of the racer-back I pulled out an old activewear pattern from Stretch & Sew. Look closely and you can see the change in the gold metallic sweater as it converts from the wide rib of the body to the narrower rib of the lowermost band under the bust. The script knit fabric binds the neckline and armholes, and drapes softly for the lower part of this stylish top.

Scraps? I'm having great fun transforming left-overs into garments.

This long knit top seemed to just 'fall' together as I draped it on my duct tape double (too 'used' to appear in pictures).

I found it easiest to lap and pin the sections to 'create' the fabric, and then just zigzagged from the upper edge.

See below this rolled knit trim I came up with for the neckline and accents.

I stitched the right side of the lengthwise cut strips to the wrong side of the garment. Then, I wrapped it to the outside and stitched.

Yes, the 'finish' is a curling, raw cut edge of the knit fabric.

Here's a Video that I hope you'll find helpful as you Up-Cycle Sew.

Finishing UFO's.

Yep - I'm even finishing up garments begun and not completed...until now.

Watch for my next Post sharing the path to create this top - combining a thermal knit top with a knit shell and Stash scraps.

And this great deal (now just $24) will 'get you going'.

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