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Corner Clipping Rules

This is kinda basic, but something that I actually didn’t really understand for years…until it was made clear to me by Claire Shaeffer when I had her to my shop years ago.  On this apron ‘tie’, the piece is folded, right sides together.  The fold is along the left hand side.  I stitched across one end, then up the long raw edge side.  Then it is turned right side out …..

BUT, you have to ‘picture’ the seam allowances once the piece is turned right side out.  The corners are NOT the same issue.

The corner on the left – where the end intersects the fold – should NOT be trimmed at an angle.  Until Claire made it clear, I always trimmed each corner – een when it was at a fold.  She helped us realize that the seam allowance of the end, when turned right side out really is needed along the folded edge to SUPPORT the end.  Thus it is is not trimmed at an angle.

Coner trimming rules in sewing

Corner trimming rules: Angle trim where 2 seam lines intersect, but NOT where a seam crosses a fold. where 2