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Biblical Wisdom for Life from the life of Esther

On Maundy Thursday, I finished the ESTHER Bible Study by Beth Moore (don’t miss her website – Living Proof Ministries as given above!). Challenged by our leader, Carrie Burns, to decide WHAT I would do the following morning for my quiet time, I decided to both review all the wisdom and concepts I learned in this study – but also to not only write them summarily in my journal, but to share them here on my Blog in the hopes that something might speak to you – help you – lead you in your spiritual journey to the one, true God as revealed to us through His son, Jesus.

I will endeavor to put quotes around words exactly from Beth Moore, but I also have changed the person to ‘my’ in most cases, as I find doing this points the words more to my heart. However, if in doubt – just give the credit for the words to Beth Moore – OK? Esther is a book in the old testament…the words most famous are ‘For such a time as this’. Esther’s faith and courage and wisdom actually saved the Jewish people from extinction during the time of King Xerxes in Persia. It is a short 9 chapter long book and I encourage you to read it for yourself. Get a good commentary, or buy Beth’s book that you can find at any christian book store. Right now I can’t seem to find it on her website… Beth ‘sew’ related all of the events and lessons to our womanhood – what it means to be a woman in today’s world…

Sew…here is the learning I have had from this study…I hope it enriches your life and speaks to you. I am starting this April 14, and it will be continued as I have time and do the re-study…

“When I trust my life to the unseen but ever-present God, He will write my life into His story and every last one of them will turn out to be a good read. With a grand ending.”

“The essence of oppression is punishing one by hurting many.”

If a man has to command a woman to respect him, then whatever ‘respect’ is so rendered loses its meaning. Those who can gainrespect and obedience only by holding enough power to command it live with the constant anxiety of losing it. This was froom her source 33 in the Bibliography – which is online is all I can figure…as it is not in the book.

I cannot amputate my destiny from my history! This = redemption.

God selected Esther (as He does me) for a task He appoints in my life – my time- my sphere of influence – not in spite of my experiences, but BECAUSE of them! Jeremiah 29:11

“Only a person strong in character and steadfast in spirit can follow someone else’s instructions for long.”

“Providence can be defined as times when God triumphs my perfectly good plan with one of His own…then seems to disappear from it…He’s there. He’s there right.”

I’ll be victorious when God and I have the same enemy.

“A true woman who cares apolgizes even if for nothing.” In my book, I’ve recently done this, and God blessed it…

“‘ll never be more prone to attack than when I’m on the way to where God wants me. ” scarey thought… but true!

Beth had an entire session on “Mean Girls… read on

  1. Insecurity is at the heart of every rivalry.

  2. Only God can meet my needs. Not a man, a friend… The more I get from something or someone worldly, the more I will crave what they can’t live up to. Only God can live up to my expectations.

  3. Anger is power to those who think they don’t have any other source of it.

  4. Meanness always has a history.

  5. Meannness perceives a threat. 2 Corinthians 10:12

  6. Meanness catches like a virus.

  7. Meanness is curable. Romans 12: 17-21