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Bias Fabric Fur Embellishment

Next to couching (see recent post HERE), embellishing with bias cut Fabric Fur is one of the very most fun, easy sewn trims you can create! See below some of my garments trimmed with Fabric Fur. 

Free Motion Quilting on a Creative Sweatshirt Jacket

All heaviest trim edges are Fabric Fur Trim.

The Secret:  Bias grain ‘furs’up. 

Bias cut woven fabrics cannot ravel (as straight grain will do), but rather ‘ruffles’ or ‘furs’.  Especially wonderful ‘Fur’ can be created when the yarns to create fabric are dyed themselves.   Irridescent Fabrics – where the Warp (lengthwise grain threads) and the Weft (crosswise grain threads) are DIFFERENT are especially wonderful in Fabric Fur.  Even cheap, slippery lining, satin,  can make wonderful layers in Fabric Fur. See some examples below.