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BEWARE of Current Pant Silhouettes!

Can’t help it – got this Chico catalog last week and immediately put it on my scanner to remind myself to scan and comment.

It seems that SKINNY pants are the rage for fall! Unless you are Twiggy skinny – DON’T DO IT…I beg you! See the skin-tight silhouette of the pants at the left side of the image to the left? THAT is TOO skinny to be attractive for – I’d venture to say at least 90% of American women – of any age!

The straight leg silhouette at the right is a big more forgiving – but not alot, in my humble opinion.

What I was taught and continue to believe in – bottom line, is that I’d rather look like “I lost weight” rather than “I need to lose weight“. Too tight of clothing ALWAYS accomplishes the latter. Don’t go there. Stick with the silhouette of pant that looks good on YOU! For me – and most of us – that, to me, is the boot cut – or a subtle flare which balances the rest of our usually too heavy bottom halves.

There… I said it – YEA!

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