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Before I Delete from my IPhone…Good Stuff for Sewists

Before I Delete these from my IPhone…these photos are just too good not to share with fellow Sewists ( a new popular term for all of us who love to create with sewing).  Below, you’ll find just a ‘mix’ of pictures/inspiration/sharing from my recent summer travels.  Enjoy!

Whimsy Feline T-Shirt

This new Compass Retreat friend brought smiles to all our faces when she came out with this fun T!  I can’t wait to make one like it.  I think I’ll try to do it with a combination of couching and rhinestones and reverse applique.  Not that I need it – but since on a T is the only place I can have a cat these days…..

alt="Cat T-Shirt Back"

Raggy Jeans Bag

Decorative Stitches, Extra Wide Stitches, and couching with these threads added into the lower fringe take this Jeans Bag a step beyond!

alt="Raggy Jeans Purse"

alt="Raggy Jeans Bag Backside"

‘Fake’ Lace Vest

Though it looks like a black lace vest over a neutral sweater, this lace was actually constructed right on top of the sweater.  No question, it will stay ‘in place’!

alt="Fake Lace Vest "

Needle Felted Belt

Often we overlook Accessories as the place to execute our fiber skills.  This belt was felted on a piece of jute-like webbing.

alt="back belt"

Perforation Yoke Detail Idea

Though this yoke was ‘knit in’ on this garment, I can see doing this perforation with a large punch on a piece of fabric, and piecing it into a sweater or T.  Hmmmm Goodwill here I come…..

alt="Perforated T Yoke"

Why I Sew

This Infinity Scarf reinforces why I sew.  How about you?  In case you can’t read that price tag – it is $39.  for 1/2 yard fabric at the most, and maybe 10′ to sew one seam, YES, you can make this!

alt="$39 Infinity Scarf"


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