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Basic Black Pant and Top Sewing

Ahhh, since it has become apparent that my travel ‘suit’ is black tank top and pants – enabling easy and decent-looking modeling of my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets, I dug into my stash and pulled out this GREAT black cotton/rayon/Lycra double knit. You can see my cutting layout here on my nice long kitchen counter. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lyla Messinger’s Margarita Top. It ha princess seams in front and a one piece back. The front 2 pieces are shown closest to the foreground, but you can see how this all fits along just the back pant leg on 60″ fabric. Just way too cool! The 2nd photo shows the ruffly seam allowance to this fabric – and I cut 1 1/4″ strips of it – thinking of inserting it under the hem of the top – just for a little something extra, a feminine touch. I used a ruffle out of this on a skirt a well. Hmmm – together that might be just pretty cute. I can always liven it up with a scarfed belt or something. Anyway – figure I need to ‘ease’ my way back into some regular sewing since I have that wedding gown facing me. Though still need to get – hunt the lace and fabrics. It appears a jaunt to Chicago Vogue and Fishman’s is in order. Also was a very good girl this morning and pulled out the King sized Sheets that I bought at Linens n’ Things when they were closing out. Since our bed is a Queen, I need to size them down. That took some thinking for the fitted sheet.

What I cut off – such nice high count cotton, I decided to cut into rag size pieces, and I’ll serge those and wrap them up as a wedding shower gift for Dear Daughter. I’m sure she’ll roll her eyes about that one, but grab them frequently. At least I hope so – rather than paper towels all the time!

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