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Back in the Designing Saddle…

I haven’t uploaded photos from today’s design session yet, but it sure was good to get ‘back in the saddle’ on this pattern. Since last Thursday morning, I’ve been at my Dad’s side as we took my mom to the hospital, and now into a nursing home. Alzheimer’s is a very, very exhausting and challenging disease to live through with a loved one. I’m very grateful for online support groups!

My mind got to hit STOP on all those concerns and I reached a new level of being in touch with God’s peace as I got back into designing and sewing today. Once again, I was in control…not Alzheimers, not the health system – which, by the way, I feel stinks EVEN MORE now that I’ve been thrown into the Medicare/Insurance maze with all this. Reform is needed, but more government??? Don’t get me started! Anyway – bossing the fabric around was true therapy, and I’m sew grateful it is part of my life!

This delay – and the catching up on the full process of designing – photo-ing – writing – and now recording directions as well – has made it real to me that I can only include 3 collar designs on my new talking pattern: CHOSEN. For one reason, it is just getting too big – too long with these 3 designs already. For another reason – I’m running out of time now too – but that is as it was to be, I know. During late night non-sleeping hours, my mind has the other design in my head morphing into anohter pattern to honor my Mom – perhaps re-cycling some of her clothing that she won’t need in the nursing home – or even perhaps scraps of something I’ve made for her over the years hidden in my stash.

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