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Baby Alyssa Ensemble

I’ve been so looking forward to sewing some little GIRL ruffles – and baby Alyssa,my sister’s granddaughter born May 23 is just the excuse…This little Sun Suit from Sew Beautiful, current issue No.137, 2011. Vol. 25, No. 4.

This is the back for Baby’s bibbed sun suit. It has you hand wind elastic thread (without stretching) onto the bobbin, then stitch. Oh – and once you do this stitching as directed, it is important to hold a steam iron over it to make it all pull up as you see here. I don’t like this technique – never have, as it doesn’t hold up. I would rather advise to line with a soft fabric – even in this area only, sew casings, and run 1/8” elastic through the casings. You’ll be happier