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Army Coat Memento Jacket

Seeing my ‘Memento Tops’ at the  American Sewing Guild Annual Conference in San Diego in a class she attended, Jan came by and told me about this great jacket she had created from her father’s army blanket.  A real pleasant email this week came from her with these delightfully sentimental and creative details about the creation of her jacket.  I love it when customers share special garments they’ve made with me – and especially when they so kindly allow me to share their creations with my followers, etc.  So, THANK YOU, Jan M for sharing….. Read on:

“Using Peggy Sagers’ Silhouette pattern, Sheila’s Jacket.  Jan M. made it slightly less baggy than the pattern, and says she may have shortened it, just personal preference. (I’m only 5’5″ so it was overwhelming me at first.)  The pattern has no facings, thus the lapels are simply turned back.  I stitched the edges on the serger as a finishing stitch.  May have gone around twice?”

Cot made from Army blanket

Jan’s coat made from her Dad’s Army blanket!

Close-up of served edge and button closure.

Close-up of served edge and button closure.

Jan shares her story:  “My father was in the service from the late 1940s until his retirement in 1974.  As a result, we moved as his duty stations changed.  I remember growing up with these GI blankets on my bed, tucked over us when we camped, and used over and over for many years.  I lost my mom and dad within 5 years of each other, and in sorting through their belongings, came across this blanket.  It’s iconic – it is a symbol of everything I remember about being a military brat.  I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them (there’s several more in the trunk!).  I finally realized this blanket is a beautiful piece of wool – and the idea for a coat came into being.  Now, I proudly wear my GI blanket and love telling people what it is, especially when I meet someone who served.  Their eyes light up when they recognize the blanket behind the coat.  For me, it’s like being snuggled in my dad’s arms every time I wear it (I was definitely a daddy’s girl!).”

Sew….I hope this gives the rest of you creative sears some real ideas – especially for the gift-giving season that will be here before you know it!

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