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An Evening with Shirley Adams

Shirley and Londa enjoying the evening

Wish I remembered what was so funny…but the evening was delightful…full of interesting stories and history of her PBS show years.

The evening was all my wonderful friend/helper Carol Coleman’s idea…she was wanting to pick up Shirley’s donation of her boooks/patterns for Carol’s ASG group – and Carol wanted to save the shipping expense.  We called and invited her to dinner, and afterwards returned to her lovely home in Plainfield, IN to hear more of what she is up to these days in her ‘retirement’.  I was especially intrigued with this wonderful intertwining Wisteria vine that provides a ‘roof’ over her arbour covered deck.  She shared that it has grown to this over the last 20 years from a potted plant in the corner!  AMAZING!  I’d love to see it in bloom in the spring…

Shirley and Carol

Shirley and Carol

Wisteria base