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Ahhh – Reupholstered an antique chair – FINALLY!

I found I NEEDED: this claw thing to get out old staples – the BIGGEST job of all! That’s what gave me a blister in my palm.

Needed a tack hammer,, and an ELECTRIC Staple Gun – which I rented. Also – a Glue Gun.

Realized the striped fabric would be a bit of a challenge. Took notes and photos as I undid the current chair. And, the double piping would have to be replaced with braid, as I couldn’t make that on my conventional machine. Here is a photo of the hardest part- but with the staple gun, WAS able to pretty much get into the side by the caning. Here below is my ‘Martha Stewart’ Badge of Honor for industriousness. It really looks worse and hurts like the devil!

Durned I can NOT get these photos to move where I want them to! Anyway – here is the completed chair.

OH – and see the Merry Christmas Blocks on my antique cabinet in the background? My Mom worked hard one year to get 3 sets of these from our kids’ blocks to give to each of us – a VERY special gift – and perhaps an idea for you.

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