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A Visit to Alabama Chanin Part II: The Home

Today, I share with you the Alabama Chanin look for the HOME.

It is a wondrous thing to see how a designer takes her ‘medium’ – in this case, cotton jersey, and interprets it in many ways and for many uses.  Natalie Chanin has done an amazing job in her Factory at Florence, AL where we visited this summer.  Let me share it with you…

House wares

A bit of SILK has snuck into The Factory…

I was charmed by this old chair with a woven seat created of silk ties.

Chair with Webbing of Ties

Overhead – a VERY interesting chandelier:

And the Dining Chairs in the restaurant were woven with strips of the cotton jersey.

Jersey Strip Woven Chair Seats

Ball of Cotton Jersey Strips

Here’s all you need to do your own chairs.  And yes, you can read upside-down:  $216.

Ball of Strips

Jersey Strip Rolling Examination

Left:  crosswise strips roll to the right side of the stockinette jersey fabric

Right:  lengthwise strips roll to the wrong side of the stockinette jersey fabric

Strips Examined

How about a WREATH? 

This one really caught my eye.  I can see it with a mix of colors – for most any season.  The strips were tied to a metal wreath base.

wreath of strips

Beauty in Simplicity

Hanging of Strips & Twigs

Potholders: I really do kinda love the tufts of ‘ends’.  How about you?

strip potholders

I make it a rule to always check out the Ladie’s Restroom Decor

My trip at AC did not disappoint.  This table was crazy Cool!  Actually ‘drilled’ and ‘stitched’ with twine!!!!!  Loved it – absolutely loved it, even though roosters are not my ‘thing’.

Bathroom Table

The table top close up:

Table Top Close-up

Return Tomorrow for Part III – The CLOTHING of Alabama Chanin.

Take some deep breaths if you are into ‘texture’ as I am, cause these will steal your breath away – I promise.  Sneak Peak:


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