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A Bunny & A Basket & a Warrior Quilt

  Here is what ‘Nana’ has completed for Springtime Family visit gifts.

That Bunny took just A LOT of work!  After stitching the nose twice, I decided that was just her personality!  Such work – even a combo of pellets and stuffing.  My heart goes out to the sewers in factories who toil daily to create these.  I know – the pattern?  Here it is at this link

She made a LITTER of these adorable bunnies.  Not this NaNa!  PLUS carrots, no less – lots of carrots.  Alas, my 8 month old would just eat them – NOT a good idea.

I will add that I enlarged the pattern – quite a bit!  I certainly wouldn’t want to make one any smaller than I managed. The directions were very, very good.  Even through ‘the big move’ last year, I brought along this velour and fur from garments made for my daughter and grandson years and years and years ago.  She won’t remember, but I do – and that makes this bunny even more special.  I promise – pictures with the most beautiful granddaughter in the world will be coming.


The basket – well, I schlopped (my term for sewing by the seat of your pants) it together from a picture I found online.  That’s PelTex inside it to make it stand up like that.

basket and bunny

For 12 Year Old Grandson?

He and I will be making a BIG Book Tote Bag for his use next year going to the Library often in his home schooling.  Si