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A Bunny & A Basket & a Warrior Quilt

  Here is what ‘Nana’ has completed for Springtime Family visit gifts.

That Bunny took just A LOT of work!  After stitching the nose twice, I decided that was just her personality!  Such work – even a combo of pellets and stuffing.  My heart goes out to the sewers in factories who toil daily to create these.  I know – the pattern?  Here it is at this link

She made a LITTER of these adorable bunnies.  Not this NaNa!  PLUS carrots, no less – lots of carrots.  Alas, my 8 month old would just eat them – NOT a good idea.

I will add that I enlarged the pattern – quite a bit!  I certainly wouldn’t want to make one any smaller than I managed. The directions were very, very good.  Even through ‘the big move’ last year, I brought along this velour and fur from garments made for my daughter and grandson years and years and years ago.  She won’t remember, but I do – and that makes this bunny even more special.  I promise – pictures with the most beautiful granddaughter in the world will be coming.


The basket – well, I schlopped (my term for sewing by the seat of your pants) it together from a picture I found online.  That’s PelTex inside it to make it stand up like that.

basket and bunny

For 12 Year Old Grandson?

He and I will be making a BIG Book Tote Bag for his use next year going to the Library often in his home schooling.  Since 12 is the PERFECT age for teaching sewing, even though he and I have done ALOT together, he’ll really get a ‘Nana Sewing Lesson’ while he’s here.  pLUS, he’ll get the fun of picking out the fabric for the bottom portion.  Another Blog Post to come…

AND – that red and black quilt in the background?

No less than the Christmas – 2016 Christmas, mind you – for my son.  COMPLETED because I had it professionally quilted by a quilting friend.  My sewing guild is touring her quilting studio this morning, so I’ll be sharing some pictures and facts about all that sometime soon.


Well, I’ve made myself something NEW for Resurrection Sunday (which I prefer to call it rather than ‘Easter’) for years and years.  My parents sacrificed to always have the BEST and NICEST clothes for worshipping the Lord on Sunday.  Here’s a fond pic of my big brother (now living with Jesus) and I  probably when I was 1st or 2nd grade.  That coat was pink – I REMEMBER!   AND, my purse was the shape of an umbrella.  Mom certainly raised me to be what she used to call a ‘Clothes Horse’.  Though pants are on my ‘Sunday Wardrobe’ scene these days, I still try to look ‘better than the average’ for worship.  And, while I know God accepts just as we are, it saddens me that those customs seem to be gone from the scene these days.  Anyone else feel the same???


Big Brother and I - 1957 or so

Anyway – onto my current ‘new’ for Sunday…which is STILL in the morphing stage.  ANOTHER Blog Post to come.  To summarize, I don’t like the way the hem is ‘hanging’ even though I added fullness on purpose, and have done the hem now THREE times.  Persistence, Londa, Persistence!!

ripply hem to solve

VACATION and FAMILY TIME is coming up, so family will reign over sewing and blogging for the next 10 days.  Enjoy YOUR family over this amazing ‘Easter’ weekend.


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