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10 Facts About Sewing Thread

Sewing Thread

My Sewing Thread Stash waiting to be ‘organized’ into bags!

Living in the Midwest, the crazy rains had the nerve to invade my ‘Sewing Studio’ – ala corner of the basement!  I don’t mean to complain though, as many have lost everything – but it did move Sorting and Organizing my Sewing Stash UP on the TO DO list!  I’m also busy re-working many of my SEWING FREE INFO documents, adding images, refining…so here are my 10 FACTS ABOUT SEWING THREAD. 

1. Buy more than you think you’ll need! At least 2 spools!

2. Cheap quality thread is like feeding your sewing machine poison. 

3. Sewing Machines are calibrated, designed to sew with 50 wt cotton thread.

4. Knits stretch therefore the thread must ALSO.  100% polyester thread needed.

5. Keep Silk Thread on hand for hand basting – sews in like butter and slips right out.

6.  Select a thread whose diameter is as close to that of the threads of the fabric as possible.  Thread diameter is more important than fiber (other than knits need polyester with stretch). 

7.  Select a color a tad darker than the fabric for the best ‘match’. 

8.  Never stitch with a thread that is stronger than the fabric’s threads.  Popped seams are preferable to fabric torn away from a too strong seam stitch. 

9.  The higher the number, the finer the thread.  

10.  Numbering systems on spools only apply to a manufacturer’s line, not across all thread produced. (A sad thing.)

I also put my hubby (now just 10 days from official retirement!) to work as my Videographer to film this amazing truth.  I always started out the class “Care & Feeding of your Sewing Machine’ for my new sewing machine owners with this exercise and they were routinely as amazed as I was when I first learned it!

Tonight’s job is to separate this bin of threads into the appropriate color poly bag – and those I store in a rolling 4 drawer tote that fits under my sewing table.  It will be such fun to be totally ORGANIZED – even if it is only to pack and move!

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