Living Well Talking Pattern Booklet - Printed


Living Well Talking Pattern Booklet - Printed


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Living Well a Creative Sweatshirt Jacket Talking Pattern™ Booklet - Printed

These 2 jacket designs are based on the concept of a unique center front design.  The 'SWIRL JACKET features an added underlap. The WEDGE JACKET' is an angular design created by adding a 'wedge' at the right front edge of covered polar fleece. The lower ribbing is utilized for a neck-hugging collar and left front finish, and a VERY long length, achieved by adding yokes cut from polar fleece.  
9-4-17:  Pattern Pieces for the Basic Jacket to accomplish a WONDERFUL FIT are INCLUDED!  

As proven with the black SWIRL JACKET, these designs can easily be executed out of a full-bodied double knit as well as a top quality sweatshirt as the base. 

 Enjoy playing the role of Designer, 'Creator' as you easily learn my techniques delivered to you in every way possible: 

  • READ my printed directions, with the most important photos printed.
  • SEE every step of the process with the 107 photos posted online at the associated webpage as given inside this booklet.
  • HEAR my directions!  It's like I'm right with you, telling you what to do step-by-step along with each photo! 

This creative experience assumes a medium skill level of sewing.  As with all my books and patterns, you are also investing in 'me'.  I'm always just a quick email or phone call away if you need my personal assistance. 


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