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Up-Cycled Patriotic Top

Worn this 4th of July Weekend, 2022, so 'bringing this Post to the front of my Blog Posts...

As a patriotic American, for years I have loved owning a garment in our country's colors of Red+White+Blue. My first (and only so far) real patriotic garment has been the red top you see in the 2nd picture below. This was one of the last fabrics and garments I had from my retail storefront (1990-2003) back in Champaign, IL: Londa's Sewing Etc. I loved this fabric (a cotton/lycra blend woven) because it 'hinted' at our American flag, rather than being 'real' American flag-type fabric that I've always felt somehow to be disrespectful. So when I saw this fabric on a fabric buying trip, I was quick to place it on my order. All that being said, some quick math reveals (and surprises me) that I have routinely worn this top on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day for the last 18 years!

It was time for a 'make-over', so I drug the red shirt from my closet and took a 'dive' into my 'Blue Stash Crate' and found this plaid shirt that my late father wore - OFTEN. In fact, I love how it still has the 'essence' of my Dad within its threads. Likely that is only in my mind, but it seems true to me. Below, see what I came up with - but read on for the 'process', both design and construction.

I had made a nice raglan style, short-sleeved, cropped shirt from Two for the Road by Cutting Corners - Louise Cutting. Check out the star buttons too. They were set on the front in 2 groups of 3 as you can see but only as decoration as I distinctly remember trying to make buttonholes for them with NO success. Rather, large transparent snaps closed the top.

Dad's shirt is a seersucker, all cotton - with even some holes at the chest area because he wore it SO SO often! I can still see him in it in my mind's eye.....

I ALWAYS gather TOO many fabrics and 'things' to use when I start a project. Below is what I pulled to start out.