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Standing Playing Card Holder

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

For young card players (and sometimes old as well!), this Holder may just be the key to hours of old-time card playing fun. It makes a great gift. Even sit down with a child to create this useful Holder. In my Wee Stitchers classes, a 6 year-old did just GREAT! The cool thing is that the plastic canvas makes it easy to achieve even stitch placement.


Londa’s Sunroom Sewing Studio


5 pieces of 9”x12” felt

1 - 12"X18" Plastic Rug-Hooking Canvas

Size 18 Chenille Needle (my absolute favorite needle for kids to use on felt with perle cotton thread)

Perle Cotton Thread - all stitching is done with double thread.


1. Center Felt A on the canvas as shown. 4 1/2” uncovered canvas should be exposed at the top and at the bottom of the felt.

center felt on plastic grid lengthwise
Center felt on plastic grid. 4.4" grid should show at top and at bottom.

2. Secure felt to plastic canvas using a long running stitch 4” from the top as shown. Each stitch can span 4 holes of the canvas. Secure at both ends well.

Stitching at center of felt through grid.
Stitch a long running stitch across center of felt to attach to plastic grid.

3. Lay Felt B on top of Felt A with its raw 12” edge placed 3 1/2” up from bottom of the Canvas .

Position and Stitch Felt B in place.
Position Felt B 3" up from bottom of Canvas.

4. Draw a line 3” up from the bottom of Felt B.

5. Do a Running Stitch over this line just drawn and through everything. Knot securely. This becomes the ‘stopper’ for the Top Pocket.

6. Fold top of Felt B down over the stitching you just did so that the bottom edges match.

Folding Felt B so lower edges align.
Fold Felt B down so lower edges align.

7. Using Felt C, position it 2” up from the bottom of the Canvas.

Draw a line 3” up from the bottom edge as shown in the picture below.

Positioning and stitching Felt C.
Position Felt C 2" up from bottom of canvas. Draw line 3" up and stitch.

8. Stitch through all layers. This becomes the ‘stopper’ for Row 2 (Felt B). See picture below. Fold the top edge down in place so that the lower edges of the felt meet.

Stitching Felt C in place for the Card Holder.
Sew Felt C in place 3" up from lower edge.

9. You now repeat the Felt C step using Felt D: Using Felt D, lay it along the lower edge of the canvas. Draw a line 3” up from the bottom edge and stitch through all layers to become the ‘stopper ‘ for Row 3 - the bottom row.

10. To cover the Canvas on the back side of the Card Holder, using Felt E, lay one edge 2” up from the bottom edge. Then fold the other edge down to meet the bottom edge of the Canvas as shown in the picture below Step 11.

Positioning Felt E for back of Card Holder.
For Back Side of Card Holder, position Felt D 2" up from bottom of Canvas.

11. Make some stitching marks and secure Felt E through all layers using whatever stitch you want to use.

Stitching Felt E to Felt A for backside of Card Holder.
Mark and Stitch Felt E (purple) to Felt A (Hot Pink) with Whip Stitch.

12. Fold entire Canvas in half, lower edges matching. Using a Back Stitch, stitch through ALL layers to create the top and to make the Card Holder stay folded. See stitching at the top fold in the photo above.

Folding in half to find center (or top) of Card Holder
Fold entire piece in half as shown and 'crease' in the center. This fold is the top of the Card Holder.

13. Stitch around the sides and lower edges on the front and the back of the Card Holder. You might want to try the ButtonHole Stitch - but use really long thread if you do, as it is hard to stop and start over if you run out of thread. I did the Buttonhole Stitch along the sides and bottom edge of the back of the Card Holder, and the Whip Stitch along both sides. The plastic canvas will help with making the stitches nice and even.

Card Holder stitched and in use.
Card Holder showing stitching and in use

Copyright 2018 Londa J. Rohlfing Londa’s Creative Sewing

for private use only

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