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Scavenger Hunt to win $50 Shopping Spree @ Londa’s NEW Website

Not only a new GRANDDAUGHTER but also a new WEBSITE!  

Take a tour of everything waiting for you at the new online-home of Londa’s Creative Sewing


Other Qualifying ‘HUNTERS’ will receive a 20% off Discount Code on a $25+ order placed by October 31, 2016

Minimum $25 order

First Prize Winner to be drawn at random at conclusion of Contest at midnight, Sept. 6, 2017.

SHARE this LINK with your friends!!!

1. Savings on Sweatshirt Jacket Books:  Clue – Breaking News        

             Save $________ on Londa’s Creative Sweatshirt jackets – Book 2 

             Save $ ________ on Londa’s Sweatshirt Transformations Book from C&T Publishing 

2. What is the focus of my business?  Clue:  See ABOUT – 1st paragraph

And…what is the NEWEST passion with my sewing?  see ABOUT… further

3. Where can you go to Ask Londa your Sewing Question(s)?  a clue would make it TOO EZ – so hunt! 

4. Regarding my 3 disc DVD on sewing knits, Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How….. 

(use the Search Tool in the upper right hand corner to find that product) 

answer the following questions: 

     A.What technique got partially left out by accident in the editing process and HOW did I supply that information? B.Who reviewed my DVD for the American Sewing Guild NOTIONS magazine?  How does the reviewer describe the ‘feel’ of my DVD information delivery?

5. WHERE can you add length to a sweatshirt BEFORE you cut out the pattern pieces from the sweatshirt as ‘fabric’?  Check out GALLERY

6. WHERE can you travel to in Feb., 2017 to enjoy several days sewing with me and other sewing friends?  WHAT is the total cost?  Hint:  Retreat or Classes

7. What % can you save on full boxes of thread or Bulk Needles?

8.  What are the 2 costs associated with booking my Trunk Show of creative knit garments for your guild/group?  $______ (wholesale/cost) plus ___________. How much could your group EASILY PROFIT then on sales?

9. Where could you ALSO go to shop my garment SAMPLE SALE?

10. WHAT is the name of my new #1 Granddaughter?  When was she born, and how much did she weigh?  What did I make (with much labor) for her? Hint:  Blog


  1.  Log in in the Contest Box with your email.

  2. Scroll down below the Comments where it says ‘Leave a Reply’and give the answers – in order, by number of the questions.  NO comment is seen until/unless I ‘approve and publish’ it, so of course I won’t do that in this case – but your answer this way gets ‘calculated’ by the Rafflecopter system.

OR – you can ALSO just email me your answers –

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