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Book Londa's Trunk Show of Creative Knit Garments

Booking my Trunk Show of creative knit garments is an easy way to create an amazing guild/shop/group meeting program/event  AND to raise money for your group as I extend to your group the opportunity to sell my patterns, books, and DVDs at a profit!  Additionally, hosting the Trunk Show can serve to determine interest for booking me to come to your location personally for an event, workshop, or even a multi-day Retreat in the future.  As of 2016, I am taking just a few outside engagement per year, so if you are interested, book early. 

Please read the Trunk Show Information document I've added below for all the details.  I have structured my Trunk Show offer based upon 15 jackets and 10 or so knit tops/lightweight jackets.  Below, you will read the expenses you need to understand in this agreement.  

  1) Cost to return or forward Trunk Show Garments INSURED  to myself or the next location 

  2) A minimum purchase of $250 at cost (half of retail), plus shipping of that product.  

Even with these expenses, I fully anticipate that your group would EASILY realize a profit of at least $200 on this event. For a great meeting, combine the Trunk Show with viewing a portion of one of my DVD's.  My newest: 'Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How' was given a glowing review in the Summer 2015 American Sewing Guild SG Notions magazine.  

I welcome your questions and booking inquiry.  Contact me soon at or call:  217-369-4687.  

I look forward to hearing from you regarding this opportunity.    


Londa Rohlfing
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Trunk Show Information


You are invited to use any images from my website for Pinterest Boards as below to help promote your event


Money for your Chapter/Group/Shop!  A $250 minimum order (at cost which is 1/2 of retail) is required to have the Trunk Show.  This is received as part of the $500 deposit check to book the Trunk Show.    My experience is that you can average $50 in retail sales per attendee with the proper promotion of the Trunk Show.  Knit tops and/or jackets are all the smart-dressed woman needs to be fashionable these days, along with some basic pants and skirts.  AND - It IS possible to save $ when you make your own...PLUS they'll have clothing as special as THEY are!!!

It works well to make this a great meeting program by combining the Trunk Show with showing a portion of any of my 3 DVD's.  


       I.  Schedule at least 6-8 weeks in advance of your event.  Samples are limited based upon other bookings. 

      II.  Length:  10 days maximum.

     III.  Place your PRODUCT ORDER  at least 2 weeks in advance of your Trunk Show Shipping Date 

email me at  or call:  217-369-4687

                        You are responsible for shipping expense of the product to sell on which you will make a profit.  Again, there is a $250 minimum order purchase (at cost which is half of retail.) .   

     IV.    Londa will pay to ship and insure the garments  to come TO you.  The guild/shop/group is responsible for shipment AND insurance costs to RETURN or FORWARD to the next location as per the contract.  Worst case scenario:  budget approximately  $125 for this insured shipping. (That is what it costs for me to ship from west TN to Washington State for 20#, 15 jackets, insured for $2000, Priority Mail)

      V.    Promptly review the packing list that accompanies the Trunk Show and verify condition of each garment.  SAVE the Packing List to make SURE that you return ALL of the garments and hangers.  SAVE the Box(es) for return. 

     VI.     Steaming or Pressing some samples may be necessary to present the garments at their very best.  Retain the garments ON THE HANGERS that are sent WITH the trunk show.  Commentary is attached to each jacket/top so that your members can completely enjoy the details of each garment

    VII.     When shipping garments, be sure to use the boxes lined with plastic in which they were shipped, making sure each garment is ON it's hanger. 

   VIII.     All Trunk Shows have an average insured value to partially cover replacement cost and labor. This amount for your Trunk Show is shown on the Packing List.  Your MUST insure the box(es) for the appropriate amount.  Failure to do so puts you at the financial risk per the contract.  I insure and ship on the contract date and email you a USPS, UPS or FedEx tracking number.  Likewise, I require that you insure and email the tracking number to me when you ship.  See more details under IV above.  

    IX.  Designate a responsible, authorized person to be responsible and with whom I am to communicate regarding all of the details for the Trunk Show and all the details.  Email capabilities are required.

X.  Trunk Show Deposit is $500 in form of a Guild/group/business check.    This check will be held as a deposit against any loss or damage of the garments, and will serve also as the required $250 minimum purchase of patterns/books/DVDs.  Upon return and inspection of the trunk show (or safe arrival and checking at the next destination), this check will be used as part of the settlement process. In the event of additional orders, any remaining DUE amount is due upon receipt of my Invoice - sent electronically.   

Londa's Creative Sewing

Product Line  


Books & DVD's

Creative Jacket Journey DVD     (CJJ)    -     $25.00 retail -         $12.50 Cost 

Embellishment DVD  (EMB)     $19.95                                       $5.00  Cost (I now sell retail @ $10) 

Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How (SKS)$32.95                 $16.48 Cost 

Londa's Book 2  (BK2)   $22.95                                                $11.48  Cost

SWEATSHIRT TRANSFORMATIONS (ST)         $27.95                 $13.98 Cost


Jacket Patterns - $15 each Retail - $7.50 Cost 

See products

Vision  (VIS)


Refined Too (REF)

Celebration (CEL)

Worthy Revised (WOR2)

Living Well (LIV2)

Devoted (DEV) 

Artistic T’s  (Knit Tops & Jackets) - $15 each Retail - $7.50 cost

Londa's Terrific 'T' Knit Top (LTT)  - used as a base for all the other knit top patterns…

Upscale Technique & Nifty Necklines (UPNK)

Twin Set Tweaks (TST)

Captivating Cowls (COWL)

Flirty Flounces (FLOUN)

Sensational Shirring (SHIR)

Up-Cycle Memento Tops (UPC)


MIX & Match as you desire….Your MINIMUM ORDER is $250 at cost

 Suggested Jacket Consignment Order

Creative Jacket Journey DVD     (CJJ) 3 @ $12.50  =    $37.50  

Embellishment DVD  (EMB)               2 @  $5.00   =    $10.00

Londa's Book 2  (BK2)                      3 @ $11.48  =    $34.44

Sweatshirt Transformations (ST)       3 @ $13.98 =   $41.94

Vision  (VIS)                                               2

Genesis TPLUS (GEN+)                              5

Refined Too (REF)                                       2

Celebration (CEL)                                        1         16  total pattern booklets @ $7.50 = $120.00

Worthy Revised (WOR2)                              2

Living Well (LIV2)                                       2

Devoted (DEV)                                           3


Jacket-Related Total: $251.35


Suggested Artistic T's Consignment Order

Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How (SKS)         5@ $16.48 =  = $82.40

Londa's Terrific 'T' Knit Top (LTT)                          8

Upscale Technique & Nifty Necklines (UPNK)          3

Twin Set Tweaks (TST)                                        4

Captivating Cowls (COWL)                                   5    29 total pattern booklets  @ $7.50 = $217.50

Flirty Flounces (FLOUN)                                       3

Sensational Shirring (SHIR)                                 3

Up-Cycle Memento Tops (UPC)                            3


Lastin Clear Elastic -                                              10@ $2.50 = $22.50 


Knit Top-Related Total:  $322.40

Any remaining inventory over the required $250 can be returned or exchanged for different product as needed.  Shipping is your expense both ways. 

Customize any mix of products as desired for your Guild/group/shop it just must equal $250 at COST.

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