Quick & EZ Sweatshirt + T-Shirt Top eCLASS from Londa


Quick & EZ Sweatshirt + T-Shirt Top eCLASS from Londa


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Quick & EZ eClass to Create this Pullover Top using a Sweatshirt and a T-Shirt

This eClass consists of slides of the design/construction process along with my personal audio explaining each photo/slide. 
It also includes a download link to my pattern pieces for a sweatshirt jacket Front, Back and Sleeves. 
To 'listen' through the class takes a bit less than 30'. 


You will receive a 'download' in your email order receipt. 
Click on that download. 
Up will come instructions with a link to copy and paste into your browser online. 
That will take you to the UNLISTED video for this product that is actually hosted at You-Tube. 
If you EVER have a question, just email Londa at londa@londa-seiwng.com for her help.  

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