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Fall Sewing Class Registration Starts TODAY

Life and schedules are CRAZY.  Acknowledging that and with many students already at different skill levels, I've decided to structure classes this fall in a new and exciting way.  
YOU select the class dates, frequency, time and project(s)
Date Selection Guidelines
  • A 'Class' is defined as a 2 hour time.  Instruction Cost:  $24/class - (just $12/hour!)
  • For real skill progress, I recommend registering for 3 to 4 consecutive'Classes' .  If 2 classes per week works best, then that is available. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are offered HERE. PAID registration INSURES a saved seat.  
  • 'Class' must have 2 registered students to 'go'.   Find a friend your child's age to attend with them, because we all know that doing things with FRIENDS is always more fun! 
  • YES, adult + child can = a Class! I only ask you respect ME as the Teacher! 
Classes offered for
Age 6 and up 
I have increased age range to start with 6-year-olds.  From age 6-8, generally they are best learning hand-sewing skills.  By age 9 or 3rd grade, my experience tells me that eye-hand coordination is developed enough to start at the sewing machine.  However, there are ALWAYS exceptions!  
Boys Too! 
Call it 'Fabric Engineering!'  I've done many projects with my 12 year-old grandson, and he loves it.  How about a Monster?  Bug Bag?  Messenger Bag? 
More and more, parents are asking about classes.  While I offer private and semi-private sessions, I've also opened a similar structure of 'Open Sew' times on select Mondays and Thurdays at just $12/hour.  
Project Selection Guidelines
At the Facebook Page Project Album HERE, I have pictured projects and described both the skill level and given an estimation of the number of classes I believe that project will take your child to complete.
At the Facebook 'Real Pattern' Project Album HERE, I have pre-selected patterns I feel appropriate and assigned them a Skill Level.
After I agree with the project you and your child select, I will provide a SUPPLY LIST for the materials.  Machines and tools are provided as part of the Class fee, but fabric and specific notions are additional. 
Generally (though there are always exceptions..) 
  • Beginning Level = Age 6-8 and 1st-2nd grade with hand-sewing projects.  Starting at age 9 and 3rd grade, machine projects. 
  • Intermediate Level = Students who have taken 4 Classes (2 hoursessions) they can progress to the 'Intermediate' Projects.
  • Advanced Level = for Students who have taken 8 Classes (2 hoursessions) - these projects include knit fabrics, set-in sleeves, etc.  
For a lengthy, on-going curriculum of classes, I appreciate the cash flow challenge and am willing to work with you after you register and pay for at least 4 classes ($96). Please call to talk with me.  217-369-4687.  I want to facilitate working sewing instruction into your child's educational plan.  
Supplies:  With bags of fabric I receive for the Days for Girls charity project, there are many fabrics which do not meet their specific requirements.  I have saved many of those fabrics to offer to my sewing students' at just $1/yard.  That money will go back into theDays for Girls funding.  Be sure to sign up for Jo-Ann's mailing list!  Once your child gets to 'regular' patterns, you should NEVER pay more than $2.49 for a pattern!  Also - never pay full price for fabric at Jo-Ann's.  Wal-Mart is OK as well.  Local quilt shops offer only top quality woven cottons.  Lovely, but expensive for beginners.  
Read what my sewing students' parents
are posting on Facebook:   
"Y'all Mrs. Londa Rohlfing is the best! She has awesome sewing classes of all ages and the cost is very reasonable! Her new classes will allow you to pick your own project and only need 2 kids to make a go. This would be a great birthday present for your daughter and her friend, or just a fun girl thing. She does boys too of course! My favorite part about Mrs. Londa is that she will love your children. This is her calling and she is like our kids grandma. My girls say, "Mrs. Londa is so nice. I really like her. She talks so nice to us." Enough said." Lisa Thomas Shephard
"Liza with her fabulous sewing teacher Londa Rohlfing.  During Quilting Camp this week, she made a lap quilt using the Rail Fence technique.  If you have a young one interested in sewing I encourage you to reach out to Mrs. Londa.  Liza has learned so much from her.  We are proud of our talented sweet girl."  Sara Fuller  
I hope I'll see your child (and even perhaps YOU)
at the Sunroom Sewing Studio this Fall! 
Sunroom Sewing Studio:  167 Whitfield Drive  Jackson, TN       

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