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SEW for Sanity 

Since we all are 'at home' during this national crisis...

It's time to SEW for SANITY!   


To help you out, I'm offering EACH of my 'printed' products

(patterns, books, DVD's)

for Creative T's and Creative Sweatshirt Jackets

at just $5 each! 


This AMAZING SALE will last ONLY

until we get the call

that our #4 Grandchild has decided to make the move to this crazy world...

Then we're OUT the door!!!

SEW...when that happens, all prices will revert

back to their original (as of 3/13/20) pricing. 

And...any and all physical order fulfillment will be delayed.

P.S. Due Date for our 3rd Granddaughter is 3/21/20  

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