Summer Sewing Camp July 19-22  1-4 pm

Summer Sewing Camp July 19-22 1-4 pm

SKU: July 19-22 1-4

Summer Sewing Camp July 19-22  1-4*  pm 


The first gal has registered for this camp.  She has had just 1 class, so this is still a Beginner's Level.  If your girl has just a bit of experience OR none at all, this will be a great class for her.  The time for this class is 1-4 pm... so your gal can 'sleep in'! 


I'm thinking this class can perhaps focus on decorative hand embroidery skills!  


There will be a small charge for Patterns Mrs. Londa makes for your girl. Depending on projects, some fabric may be supplied as well - it all depends on the amount needed.