'Striped Allover' Knit Jacket (Large)

'Striped Allover' Knit Jacket (Large)

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'Striped Allover' Knit Jacket (Large)


This easy-wear, stylish jersey knit jacket is a great piece that will turn into your 'Go-To' Jacket.  Pair it with navy or grey or even white pants or jeans for a spectacular look.  The low slung, blip back front pockets will be super handy for everything you need to carry these days.  Accent stitching is grey zig zag on this clever jacket that combines 3 different width strips, all in bright navy blue and heathery grey.  Only 1 available - you'll have a one-of-a-kind!  


SIZE:  Large 

Please check Finished Garment Measurements as found below against those of a similar garment in your wardrobe of which you like the fit.   I want you to be happy with your purchase from me, so 'A Londa Original' garments (except Sweatshirt Jacket Makeovers) are returnable - see my Return Policy.


FIBER CONTENT: Educated guess is cotton/rayon/lycra jersey knit (from my stash, so I don't have any labeling to confirm).

CARE: machine wash cold, delicate. Hang to dry.



Length at side seam:  21"

Length at center back:  30"  

Length at front from shoulder line at neck point to hem: 33"

Length of sleeve from shoulder seam to hem:  19.5" 


Circumference at bust level: 40" when worn as styled, cardigan, allowing for 2" between center fronts 

Circumference at hemline:  48" plus it would hang 'open' as a cardigan jacket does

Circumference of sleeve at hem: 12.75"