Sparrow 20 Sewing Machine - Perfect for Beginners from Eversewn

Sparrow 20 Sewing Machine - Perfect for Beginners from Eversewn

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Sparrow 20 Sewing Machine - Perfect for Beginners from Eversewn

with FREE Domestic USA Shipping

2-1-21:  FINALLY!  I have the 2 I've been waiting on since June, 2020.

I offer at the SAME price as Amazon, BUT give 1 hour of FREE instruction on how to usse with the machine.  If you order and are not in Jackson, TN area for personal lesson, I am happy to do this via Zoom.  

Shipping is ACTUAL COST for this machine (which must be paid before I can ship, as it will not be added in the online order form).  I'm a small businss, and at this price, I canNOT give 'Prime' Free Shipping as Amazon...sorry! 


Londa says: "I have selected this machine for my Studio and to offer for sale to my students because it is sturdy, has held up to the rigors of new sewers, and because it offers all the features I feel make sewing easy and fun - for ALL ages.  It is my experience that children should be at least 9 years old to have the eye-hand coordination to safely operate a sewing machine." 


I am proud to offer it at the same price as found on Amazon (but it isn't even available there right now), but it comes with a full introductory lesson from me on use.  While I can offer limited 'service', you'd get none from Amazon...but I am NOT skilled/trained to do full service should it need repair.  I can also offer you purchase of any and all additional accessories you might want to add, AND I'll teach you how to use them - HOW?  We can each be in front of this machine on the phone/even Facetime, and I can walk you through each button, how it all works - just as if you were here in my studio with me.  Even Amazon can't do that!  AND, I ship it FREE to domestic USA destinations.  Be advised, as per my shipping policies, for other addresses outside of the contiguous USA mainland addresses, I will have to charge additional actual shipping cost before shipping.  


I've put together an Accessories Set:  12 bobbins + Even Feed Walking Foot - all by the manufacturer so that you KNOW they are specific and perfect for this machine!  See them as an option at 20% off:  regularly $47.75 but $38.20 as a collection.  Ordered WITH the machine, they are FREE SHIPPING!  


Test drive here at my Studio - I'll even help you test it on all different fabric,

FEATURES: EVERSEWN 80 stitch, computerized sewing machine. Features include: LCD Display, Drop-in Hook System, 163mm Free arm length, 850 spm (Maximum sewing speed), Upper-thread tension - manually adjustable, Manual thread cutter, Start/stop button, LED sewing light, Needle stop up/down, Twin- needle capability, Slide speed control, 2-step presser foot lift, Electric foot control, 6 (1-step) Buttonholes including eyelets, 14 Utility stitches including stretch stitches, 1 Darning stitch, 49 Decorative stitches, 10 Quilting stitches, 7mm Maximum stitch width, 4.5mm Maximum stitch length, Drop feed-dog, Automatic bobbin winder, Automatic Securing Function, 7 presser feet (soles), and a dust cover.

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