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Soft Teal Poet Sweatshirt Jacket

Soft Teal Poet Sweatshirt Jacket

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Soft Teal Poet Sweatshirt Jacket


This stunning jacket features a beautiful gathered collar, front bands, and gathered sleeve treatment of a polyester jacquard fabric in spruce and tans.  Tan silk tubing swirls down the front to create loop closures around mother-of-pearl antique buttons.  The spruce jacket base is a comfortable 80% cotton 20% polyester sweatshirt that has been totally de-constructed, cut with a good fit, and re-constructed with properly set-in sleeves to create a good fit rather than the usually sloppy fit of 'sweatshirt jackets'.  
This jacket is created following the 'Captured' Jacket in my book, Sweatshirt Transformations.  If you'd like to make this jacket yourself, here is a link to the book with the directions for this specific jacket:  

Size:  Medium

Care:  hand wash and line dry

Please check the finished garment measurements carefully as my garments are not returnable.  

Length at side seam:  13.5"
Length at center back:  23" 
Length of sleeve:  23.25"
Circumference at bust:  42" 
Circumference at hip:  40"

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