Sew Fit Rotary Cutting Mats - Various Sizes

Sew Fit Rotary Cutting Mats - Various Sizes

Sew Fit Mat Sew Fit Translucent Pinnable Cutting Mats - Select your size


Londa says:   "This is my favorite line of cutting mats!  The material from which they are made is flexible yet sturdy making it easy to roll.  The sanded finish helps prevent your fabric from moving.  The printed Grid size on these mats is listed below in the chart.  These are standard thickness. 

   I do not carry these in house...rather wait until one is ordered by a customer.  Many sizes are currently out of stock at my supplier. 
Allow approximately 1-2 weeks for delivery.

ACTUAL shipping must be agreed to be paid before I order your specific mat.  When I verify with you that you agree to actual shipping to be paid, I find out the actual shipping cost and subtract any shipping that you might have paid when placing your order.  Thanks for understanding - I'm a little business, and don't get the discounts that big guy Amazon gets!  I truly appreciate your business.  

Cutting Mats are exempt from any FREE SHIPPING offer.


The actual gridded size on each mat is as follows - be advised that the charge for all but the smallest is not 'working' as of 3-6-19,but I'm getting it fixed.  So please understand if you order larger than 32x60, I am NOT able to order until I get the proper funding as listed below.   



32" x 60" is gridded 28" x 56"  $95.00

36" x 59" is gridded 32" x 55"  $99.00

40" x 72" is gridded 36" x 56"  $149.00

48" x 96" is gridded 44" x 92"  $229.00