Seafoam Swirl Sweatshirt Jacket trimmed with Silk

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Seafoam Swirl Sweatshirt Jacket trimmed with Silk


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This jacket brings many fond memories - mainly of being stopped over and over when I first wore it at a show in Ohio.  It features 3 VERY wonderful 2" Fimo Clay buttons, and a swirl asymmetric front closure.  If you are warm-blooded, do not purchase this jacket, as it MUST be worn 'closed up'' - it canNOT be worn unbuttoned.  Chenille strips of silk - my 'Fabric Fur', swirl around on the jacket, trimming and echoing the front closure.  It is truly a beautiful jacket - one that you'd NEVER guess started as:  a sweatshirt! 

Personal note:  I  'see' the buttons as the rocks in life, around which the water flows - the water, for me, being my faith in Jesus.  I boldly shared that sentiment as my witness many times from the stage at sewing expos.  


To make your own jacket like this, directions are found in my Living Well Pattern Booklet - available now only PDF as the printed issues are sold out.  



I valued this jacket at $250 while using it as a sample.  


I would classify this as a size: Large 

Finished Garment Measurements 

15" Length at side seam  

26.5 Length at center back: 

23" Length of sleeve from neckline to hem  

17.5" Length of sleeve from armhole to hem 

41" Circumference at bust level  

42" Circumference at hip


I do not accept returns on my garments, so check the measurements carefully.  


Care:  On this jacket, I'd definitely handwash and line dry.  

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