Salmon Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt Makeover (Large)

Salmon Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt Makeover (Large)

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Salmon Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt Makeover (Large) 


Far from 'sweaty', this salmon sweatshirt has been transformed into the stylish 'cold shoulder' look with straps wide enough to cover bra straps.  Special detailing is found in the eyelash yarn that I've couched on.  A dart styles and fits the front, and the 'wrong' side of the sweatshirt shows at the neckline and shoulder straps.   The hemline is interestingly asymmetrical.  Serpentine stitching and scallop-cut edges finish the hemline of this top. 

One-of-a-Kind Garment

Cross-Posted for sale.  


SIZE:  Large

Please check Finished Garment Measurements as found below against those of a similar garment in your wardrobe of which you like the fit. I want you to be happy with your purchase from me, so 'A Londa Original' garments (except Sweatshirt Jacket Makeovers) are returnable - see my Return Policy. 

FIBER CONTENT:  80% cotton 20% polyester Comfort Color Sweatshirt 


CARE:  I recommend washing on cool/gentle and hang to dry. 



Length at side seam:  20.5" at left, 18.75" at right

Length at center back:   23.5" 

Length at center front:  21" 

Shoulder straps are 1.75" wide, and stitched in at an angle so that the innermost edge is 9" long, outer edge is 11". 


Neckline circumference:  22" at front, 21" at back.  

Circumference at bust and hip level:  42" 

Circumference at hemline: 44"