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2 hour-Older Teen-Adult Serious Sewing Class Wed. U-Pick  Time_Date

2 hour-Older Teen-Adult Serious Sewing Class Wed. U-Pick Time_Date

SKU: Mon-Adult/Teen Sewing 3 hours

2 Hour Older Teen-Adult Serious Sewing Class Wed. Mornings 9:30-12:30

or early afternoons - as long as done by 3 when I have private lessons scheduled 


This class is structured for mature Teens age 16 and ADULTS of all ages with serious intent to learn to sew.  

This Rate is for a CLASS with at least TWO students.  For a Private class, $35/hour - call Londa to schedule:  217-369-4687

  • YOU decide WHAT you want to learn:  garments, up-cycle sewing, gifts, crafts, easy quilting, etc.  I just ask to be included in your decision so that I can give you my guidance - this will help with coming with the right supplies.  
  • YOU decide what dates and times work for you.  While I recommend 3-hour time slots, if that doesn't work for you for any reason, you may contact me and I'll send you a PayPal bill for the exact time frame you want to claim a seat online, then we can 'even up' here at the studio if you need more or less time.   Only registering/paying in advance saves your seat, and I limit it to 3 - students at a time.   
  • With numerous gals requesting private classes, please read below*** 

  • Please register at least 1 week in advance, or the time period may not be available.   


You can 'refine' this to the quarter-hour as you need and communicate with me.  


Each Date you select will be one line on your Order Form.  

If you need help in registering, give Londa a call:  217-369-4687. 

If it is easier, call or text or email me your exact times/dates and I can send you a PayPal Bill. 


IMPORTANT: Select PICKUP in JACKSON for Shipping dropdown menu to avoid shipping being added.     


The cost is structured as $40/2hour class.  While there are no refunds, if you have to miss a class, that class' $60 may be applied to a future class or to a private with Londa at $40/hour. 

As stated above, we can 'tailor' and adjust the charge based upon the time you want to be in class.  However, I had to put something into the system, so I elected a 3 hour class time since that seems to be good for really accomplishing a project/making progress.  Again, I am happy to tailor to YOUR needs  - just call or email me after claiming your seat.  


I will hold this 'class' if even one student registers, but if you should be the only student, please understand that this is NOT a private class with my complete attention, as with less than 3 students, I will be sewing myself!  


This class will be held to a max enrollment of 3 students.   If Wednesdays do not work for you, please contact Londa. Find a couple of friends (2 equals a class) and let's make a class for YOU.   


CLASS REGISTRATION IS TRANSFERABLE, BUT NOT REFUNDABLE.  If you have to miss a class, the class fee paid for the missed class may be applied to a future class or to a private with Londa at $40/hour.