Londa's Refined Embellishments for Creative Clothing - DVD

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Londa's Refined Embellishments for Creative Clothing-DVD


Run Time:  2 hour 40 minutes!!! 

Londa says:  "Learn my techniques for tastefully embellishing clothing to make it special; to make it YOU, yet not overdone. I demonstrate both ageless and new techniques AND show numerous garments, to teach you how to take your clothing to a level you just can't buy in ready-to-wear. Armed with these tried-and-true and innovative techniques, make your wardrobe extra special – yet tasteful - with good design filtering your every decision.

 Be advised, initially there was limited background noise from the tripod, but the length and value of information shared far outweighs this minor distraction.  In subsequent printing - current stock, this was digitally reduced drastically.   


I've been asked if my DVD products are playable in other countries, and this is the answer I received:  This is an issue of the TV standard.  US DVDs are in the NTSC TV standard (this is set up in the authoring) but NTSC is not used everywhere in the world.  For instance, most European DVDs are in a different TV standard called PAL which is not compatible.  So someone playing your DVDs would have to have an NTSC compatible DVD player. Many PAL DVD players are NTSC compatible, but not all.  The master for this DVD was compatible with all regions.  However, it is only NTSC...HOWEVER, if you watch it on your computer as opposed to a TV, it should still work where they have PAL".  


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