Kai 5220 Dressmaking Scissors and Left-Handled Option

Kai 5220 Dressmaking Shears and Left-Handled Option


Londa says: "These are my absolute favorite 'large' dressmaking Shears. If you are left-handed and 'used' to the problem of cutting with regular right-handed scissors, you might want to consider the 'Lefty' handled option from the drop-down menu.  The blades on this 'Lefty' option are still hinged as regular scissors, but the handles are adapted to be more comfortable and workable for left-handedness.  For TRUE left-hinged scissors, see the Gingher True Left-Hinged/Handles Shears that I also carry here at my website." 


For a quick video on my favorite scissors, click on the 3rd image below the large one above.   

    Handed Options: Right or Left

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