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Handi-Iron from Kandi Corp

Handi-Iron from Kandi Corp

SKU: Handi-Iron Kandi

Handi-Iron from Kandi Corp 

I just tested it - and it works great.  I likely purchased it having seen a demo at a sewing show years ago - but it's time for someone to USE it, since I haven't.  It would be GREAT for traveling to retreats to sew.  

No longer available from my supplier, I looked online for it and found it for $78 - see additional image.  

  • Lightweight (only 10 ounces)
  • Sole has a non-stick surface with no steam vents.
  • Quickly folds up for easy storage and travel.
  • The Handi-Iron easily converts to a Hotplate or Heated Palette Surface!
  • Use it for applique/piecework, or anywhere that that you need a small compact iron.
  • Universal Voltage for North American and European electric.
  • The Handi-Iron is great for pressing quick jobs right by your sewing machine.
  • It has adjustable temperature settings that ranges from linen to nylon.
    $78.00 Regular Price
    $29.00Sale Price
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