Grape Batik/Silk Trimmed Sweatshirt Makeover

Grape Batik/Silk Trimmed Sweatshirt Makeover

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Grape Batik/Silk-Trimmed Sweatshirt Makeover


Another favorite - this 'Genesis' style cardigan jacket features batik and silk trim.  It is a style easy-to-wear, and hangs open at the center front.  The front neckline edge is created from the re-purposed lower ribbing of the sweatshirt.  To make your own, order the PDF pattern booklet Genesis Plus.    I taught many design principles to students in classes with this jacket!  The machine free-hand quilting on this jacket through the batik is quite nice, if I do say so myself... I did wear this jacket some, so the neckline edge does show some slight fading, but the entire jacket is a 'soft' look anyway.  Couched yarn and Fabric Fur bias trim of silk give this jacket wonderful texture.   The sleeve length is adjustable with the bias turn-back batik cuffs.  

I valued this jacket at $225.00 while using it as a sample.  


I would classify this as a size:  Medium-Large

Finished Garment Measurements 

16" Length at side seam  

25.5" Length at center back: 

25" Length of sleeve from neckline to hem with a 2.5" rolled back cuff   

20" Length of sleeve from armhole to hem with a 2.5" rolled back cuff

23"  Length of sleeve from armhole to hem with no cuff rolled back 

42" Circumference at bust level  

42" Circumference at hip


I do not accept returns on my Sweatshirt Jacket Sample garments, so check the measurements carefully.  


Care:  machine wash cool, delicate, in a mesh bag with a load of towels and mild soap.  Line dry.  To preserve buttons, you might consider removal.    


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