Glitzy Silver-Gold-Copper Cowl Neck Evening Gown (Large)

Glitzy Silver-Gold-Copper Cowl Neck Evening Gown (Large)

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Glitzy Silver-Gold-Copper Cowl Neck Evening Gown (Large)


I created this spectacular evening gown for a New Year's Eve that got canceled due to snowstorm.  Where I found this amazing fabric escapes my memory - but it is something else...blending subtly from silver at the top to a soft gold, to deeper gold, to almost a copper at the hemline.  This is a fairly lightweight metallic knit, so I underlined the upper portion with swimwear lining - shown in two of the photos.  


I used a Vogue pattern to style it - with a graceful cowl neckline, and attractive angled seaming in the midriff.  The skirt is asymmetric with a soft curve up at the left side.  


The fabric did have a subtle flaw - see my finger pointing to it in one of the pictures, but I was able to locate it at the backside.  Honestly, if I didn't mention it, you'd likely never notice.  However, this is why I priced this spectacular garment at just $85 instead of much higher.  

One-of-a-Kind Garment

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SIZE:  Large

Please check Finished Garment Measurements as found below against those of a similar garment in your wardrobe of which you like the fit. I want you to be happy with your purchase from me, so 'A Londa Original' garments (except Sweatshirt Jacket Makeovers) are returnable - see my Return Policy. 

FIBER CONTENT:  polyester/lycra/metallic  Generally metallic fibers drive me crazy - thus an additional reason that I lined the bodice.  It did not seem to bother me during fittings, at the neckline and around the armholes, but I mention it because if you are sensitive to metallic fibers, you likely want to pass on this garment.  


CARE:  I recommend dry cleaning. Not because the fabric is not washable, it's just that the metallic character of it - to me, deserves dry clean care.  



Length at side seam:  49.5" 

Length at center back: 20.5 to bottom of upper portion to 51" at hemline 

Length at front from shoulder line at neck point to hem: 54.5" 


Circumference at bust level: 41" plus 2" additional stretch

Circumference at natural (belly button level) waist: 36" stretches to 40"