Olfa Ergonomic Rotary Cutter - 45mm

Olfa Ergonomic Rotary Cutter - 45mm


45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter from Olfa

Londa says:  "This is my Rotary Cutter of choice for use in my Studio with children AND adults because it automatically closes (and can be locked), when not being held.  Hear me tell you all about it when you click on the 2nd image below the large picture for a quick video."  

This rotary cutter features an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable and positive grip. Simply squeeze the handle to engage the blade. Dual-action safety lock allows the user to lock the blade open for comfort and closed for safety. Designed for both right- and left-handed use. Great for cutting fabrics into shapes, strips and pieces for sewing, quilting or craft projects.


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