Captivating Cowls Sewing Pattern Booklet - PDF Delivery

Captivating Cowls Sewing Pattern Booklet - PDF Delivery

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Captivating Cowls Sewing Pattern Booklet - PDF Delivery
A classic and flattering neckline, the COWL can be very artistically interesting.  You'll have a great time playing as you design these variations of the classic!  AND, they are all very easy to DRAFT BY YOURSELF FROM ANY SIMPLE BASIC T-SHIRT PATTERN! Learning how to draft a cut-on cap sleeve and a graceful 'Angel' sleeve and 'extras' that Londa packs into her pattern booklet is yet another PLUS to this great pattern.  


Audio on Talking Patterns Is No Longer Supported The original pattern directions were written to stand alone, but with the Free BONUS feature called ‘Talking Patterns’. It is a fact that computer technology continually changes, so while the additional large color photos are still available at the URL given (and corrected as communicated), the audio no longer works on most modern browsers, as Flash Player is no longer supported. 



Best choice for your basic pattern?  Londa's Terrific 'T' Knit Top Sewing Pattern Booklet!

With the FREE BONUS Talking Pattern™ feature of this pattern, ONLINE, you will be able to SEE large, clear color photos and HEAR my personally recorded audio directions for each step!