Bosal 8 Way Stretch Fusible Interfacing


8-Way Stretch Fusible Tricot from Bosal - Made in the USA! 

30" wide  Lightweight fusible tricot for use with all directional fabrics (Spandex/Lycra). 

100% Polyester - cuts as shown:  1/2 yard or 1 yard. or Multiples of 1 yard.  
The EXACT same interfacing used in the Fusible Stay Tapes  that I offeered, manufactured and offered by Emma Seabrook.  Buy yardage - save money, and cut to your OWN specificc hem allowance widths! 

Londa says:  "My choice for stabilizing knit  garment hems:  Cut on the cross-grain and the  width of your hem allowance."  

Be sure to PRE-Shrink when you get it by folding, placing in sink of HOT water until the water cools - then fill in a towel and LAY it to dry.  THEN it can go to your sewing room! 

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