Bobbins - Plastic, colored - Class 15 fits many machines

Bobbins - Plastic, colored - Class 15 fits many machines


Bobbins - Plastic, colored 10 pkg-Class 15 fits many machines


EverSewn Class 15 colorfully bright quick-winding bobbins were created using a patented anti- slide technology for a smooth sewing experience.


Londa says:  "By 'anti-slide', they are referring to the gripped, textured spindle of the bobbin that clings onto the loose end of thread.  These bobbins also work in the majority of my Brother sewing machines. However, email me: with your model number and I'm happy to make SURE if these bobbins fit your machine!.  If not, I CAN get the proper bobbin for YOUR machine/model." 

2 each:   clear, yellow, green, magenta, blue-colored bobbins 


Fits many common machines including

  1. EverSewn Sparrow 15 20 25 and 30 models.
  2. Most Singer, Kenmore and White machines 

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