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Bandana Rayon Sleeveless Top - XL

Bandana Rayon Sleeveless Top - XL

SKU: 7-BandanaTop

Bandana Rayon Sleeveless Top - XL 


This sleeveless top was discovered in my Navy Stash Fabric Box... but is a nice, swingy, soft top of a print that looks kinda like a traditional Bandana in many ways.  As you can see from the final picture, it is a Sonoma brand and says Size XL - which the measurements support as given below.  

It is freshly washed and trimmed up with rolled knit jersey trim at the neckine and armholes.  I removed navy buttons and replaced with red ones - 2 of which are operational. 

CARE:  This garment  should machine wash and dry just fine - I'd just turn it inside out to somewhat protect the red trim.  Promptly remove from dryer to avoid having to press.   


Circumference at underarm:48" 

Lower circumference: 54"

Length at center front: 24"

Length at center back:  26:

Length at side seam:  15.5"


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