Ban-Rol - 1" width

Ban-Rol - 1" width

Ban-Rol - 1" wide 


7-18-21  1" is now out of stock, AND on Backorder at my Supplier.  

If you go ahead and place your order, be sure I'll send it out just as soon as my order comes in  

Meanwhile, the 1.25" ad 1.5" ARE both available


Ban-rol, Monofilament Stabilizer, Armoflexxx - they're all the same (in my book). 
First introduced to this product as "Armoflexxx" in Pants for Any Body by Palmer & Pletsch, I've used it in my dressmaking and all my own garments ever since. It bends with you, yet pops right back up for a crisp, clean, firm waistband. 
You can also use it in conjunction with elastic for part of your waistband for a bit of 'after-dinner growth". 

Complete step-by-step directions available in PDF for $2 available at:

See Video at:

Use to make great rolled hems with just a sewing machine following the steps as shown in this video of a friend of mine...