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Ban-Rol - 1" width

Ban-Rol - 1" width

SKU: 1"ban-rol

Ban-Rol - 1" wide 


Ban-rol, Monofilament Stabilizer, Armoflexxx - they're all the same (in my book). 
First introduced to this product as "Armoflexxx" in Pants for Any Body by Palmer & Pletsch, I've used it in my dressmaking and all my own garments ever since. It bends with you, yet pops right back up for a crisp, clean, firm waistband. 
You can also use it in conjunction with elastic for part of your waistband for a bit of 'after-dinner growth". 

Complete step-by-step directions available in PDF for $2 available at:

See Video at:

Use to make great rolled hems with just a sewing machine following the steps as shown in this video of a friend of mine...

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