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WW2 Museum Textiles/Clothing

The WW2 Museum here in New Orleans is not to be missed!

Following up on my posts of a few weeks ago, here are some REAL garments and relics from WW2 interesting to us sewers.

This jumpsuit is an example of what women wore to work in the ordnance plants.  ‘Ordnance’ was a new word to me, so in case it is to you as well, here is a definition:  ord·nance (ôrd′nəns) n. 1. Military material, such as weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and equipment. 2. The branch of an armed force that procures ...

What I find interesting here is the hidden front button closing, but also the buttons at the pockets (see red, lower left). I guess a covering over buttons helps them not catch on anything – perhaps for safety?


 ‘Sweetheart Souvenirs’

I have a precious heart locket of my mom’s that has her and Daddy’s pictures in them that she told me she wore while he was gone to the war.  I figured out that the war began when they were 16 years old.


Eisenhower ‘IKE’ Service Dress Jacket

The description says the original was tailored in Italy.  Check out the waist finish.  There were also ones with a longer torso.  Just the design and actual stitching of all the uniforms worn in WW2 boggles my mind.  I do know – and could see – that the majority were wool, which repels dirt.

Now I know what the jacket of Daddy’s that I’ve kept is called.  His jacket fit me  – around the waist – at least the last time I tried it on.  I can’t decide if I want to cut into it to create something I WOULD wear – or not.  What do you think?

Eisenhower Jacket


Leather Flight Jacket.

We learned that it could be as cold as 30 degrees below zero up in those flighter planes.  They also wore similar leather pants.


German Winter Uniform

I find it interesting that it was lined with wool and SILK.  Smart Germans.  (I am all German myself, and found it interesting that Eisenhower is also a German name – background.)


Sewing Kits

Kits for sewing/mending were necessities as well. Here is one that a soldier carried.