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Wristlet Gift for Kids

I stole about 15′ (tops!) and the smallest leftover COLTS fabric from another project and stitched up this great little wristlet money-holder for my #1 Grandson as he starts First GRADE!I found this on the blog: And Sew She Says…and highly recommend that blog as well…I also made the Spareribs recipe from that blog this weekend – sprad with barbeque sauce, wrap in foil – 4 hour at 300 degree oven – EASY and meat falls off in tender scrumptous bites…

Anyway back to the Wristlet…just follow the directions. Any size zipper will do – you just stitvh across at the length determined in the directions.

No batting or anything – just really

4 layers of fabric with a window in one set – in which you insert the zipper, stitching around the window, then ‘face’ with the other doubled fabric, leave a hole, turn, press and topstitch. adding strip of velcro on outside of one end, inside of the other.

WALA – perfect ‘carrier’ for lunch money, reminder note, permission slip – whatever the little tyke needs.

I did grab my favorite white Point Turner to stick out those corners.

AND – for my Sidewalk Method for slip stitching the hole you leave to turn it all…check out my You-Tube Video at this page of all my videos HERE.

OF COURSE, a good NaNa inserted money – starting with a dollar bill which went to his piggy bank, then had to add some more change for these photos.

Send me photos of yours.

Come to think of it – these would make GREAT stocking stuffers too!

Now write that idea down somewhere…where you won’t forget it! 🙂

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