• Londa

Wrapped Edge How To's for Wearable Art

I developed these How-To's for the edges of my creative sweatshirt jackets.  I share everything about my techniques in this new video on my YouTube Channel, including stabilization of the edges on a knit with Straight Fusible Stay Tape so they don't stretch.

You'll also learn how to calculate the width you need for any application.

I used these techniques on many of my jackets that you can see at the Creative Inspiration category on my website HERE.   In fact, with the close-out of this portion of my business, all of my sweatshirt make-over books, patterns, and a great DVD are offered at drastically low sale pricing HERE.

AND, if you happen to be a Size 10-14, there are still some great sample jackets of mine available HERE  

They'd love to be adopted into your wardrobe!

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