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WINNER and NEW GRANDDAUGHTER + What’s a Nana to do?

Thanks to many of you for your guesses on birthweight and date!  #2 Granddaughter (Mackenzie Rae N.) was born 3 weeks early on August 7, at 9:44 pm and weighted 6 lb. 8 oz.  AND… check out that crop of hair!!!!!  What answer to prayers!!!!!

Roseann McGuire – YOU are the winner!  Please contact me at to claim your prize of $100 worth of my Londa’s Creative Threads (Sewing) – produced product!!!

FullSizeRender (1)

NOW – I ask you, WHAT’S a Nana who loves to sew to do when THIS is your new granddaughters’ wardrobe –

and she isn’t even home from the hospital yet?????? 


Wardrobe - packed in tight in e drawers plus hanging...

Wardrobe – packed in tight in e drawers plus hanging…

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