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When Life Flips Upside-Down

I generally run a mile-a-minute, but I've concluded that God needed to slow me down....

These days, I find myself with my right shoulder broken in 2 places, and the top crushed as a result of getting my feet tangled up in orange construction fencing laying on the ground at a concert we attended our 49th Anniversary Weekend. It goes without saying that I am right-handed. While I'm grateful no surgery is indicated, a 6-8 week healing time likely followed by physical therapy for a frozen shoulder is a VERY side-lining lesson for this gal.

My summer calendar included time in my flower garden each morning, filled Summer Sewing Camps for kids, private sewing students, daily Bible Study with Precepts and more conservative, Christian activities than you can imagine.

Visits to see our kids (a full day's drive away), and a sewing retreat in TX with my Sister are still on my Hope & Pray list for August.

Meanwhile, I'm learning MANY LESSONS, so now that I'm through the worse of the PAIN and on just Tylenol, my mind is clear and with my laptop placed just right on my lap, I am grateful for long fingers that can actually type almost regularly.

This experience is not for the light of heart, and as I said - I'm learning OH SO MUCH, so I've assembled a list to share with ya'll.


Flowers brought by friends have meant so VERY much to beautify what I see all day (and night) long, as I'm pretty limited to my recliner chair day and night. At the left are breath-taking hydrangeas from a friend. I cover up with a beautiful 'Love Quilt' that my Aunt Mildred (94 years young) made for me which she even hand-quilted. Sunflowers from another friend smile at me daily with om front pf my favorite pics of my kids during their young carefree years. Of course, pics of my grandkids are in easy view as well, and I play current videos of them I'm sent over and over and over again!

Next to Lily of the Valley, my favorite floral scent is that of Gardenias. The plant my dear daughter sent for Mother's Day yielded one bloom already that brought many wonderful 'sniffs'. The plant is filled with more blooms, so I'm anxious for more aromatic surroundings. I learned that you should snip the stem to the perfect length while immersed in water.

I'm also making it a MUST each day to get out and walk (carefully) around my back flower garden. It's pretty safe, because we have quite a wide 'path' of concrete as my garden is a filled-in swimming pool. Just changing scenery for a spell each day is a GOOD THING.



My recliner has been my evening friend for years, so now this chair and I are bonded forever. Sadly, my chair is older and reclines with manipulation of a stiff lever - of course, on the right-hand side. My wonderful, amazing, servant-hearted husband quickly learned that operating it from the back was the easiest. Hint: if you are shopping for a new recliner - look for one that operates with an easy-push button. I regularly sleep with my Tempurpedic Pillow, but I reserve it for use only at true 'night-time sleeping." So far, my tries at sleeping in bed have not been successful..... a new milestone to look forward to! After a Dr. appt and new x-rays this morning, he says God has grown new bone already and said I can move my arm much more - so I'm hopeful to intersect with my BED tonight!

A full-sized pillow under my thighs further increases my comfort (chair and bed). I've also covered the back of the chair with a towel. Though I used to work with my laptop on a lap desk, it is at more of a useable height directly on my lap. The heat from it also serves to put me to sleep, so that's actually a good thing.


I'm not sure how I'd have gotten through the first days without my Evelyn Angel! She is a retired nurse and Oh, so very smart. She helped me learn that Ice packs filled with water and some alcohol and placed in the freezer will stay cold longer. I've always been a friend of heat after ice in the past, but these days, freezer ICE is my friend! Even with figuring out pain meds, she was oh, so valuable. I don't know about you, but even accessing a Doctor's nurse through the 'phone trees wasn't worth the aggravation. I can tell you that I've NEVER EVER been through anything as continually painful as this. I have a new empathy for all those dealing with PAIN, that's for sure!


When they say it's 'who you know' - THAT'S the TRUTH! My fall happened about 10 pm on Sat. night, followed by an ambulance ride and ER visit in a town an hour away from home. It was Tuesday morning before I was able to get into a Dr. - and that was only because of new friends I'd made through hosting a Patriot Academy Constitution Alive class. At my wit's end, I know to this day that God prompted the woman to text me on other business that day, and when I shared my dilemna, she was able to call her Orthopedist hubby and get me right in.

Keep in mind that even when you are 'helpless', that YOU ARE THE PATIENT and have rights! I'll never, ever leave an emergency room without my records and test results (X-rays and others) IN HAND. I thought I had made that clear - that I needed them, but it turned out the envelope they sent me with did NOT contain them! My dear nurse friend actually drove up there to retrieve them and then deliver to the Dr. here. I was more than happy to sign her note authorizing her as my medical representative! I know - you'd think all that could have been done electronically, but.....


We purchased our home from an 'older' couple, so the higher potties and handrailings were already here. Silly me - when remodeling the main hallway bathroom, I didn't put the handrail back up, so I've gotten extra exercise walking to the furthest away point in the house for personal needs! At 69 and 71 I suppose I'm slowly realizing we are ourselves now in that 'older' category! Ughhhhh, yet grateful at the same time.


At my left-hand table and held in my over-the-arm Caddy (which of course I made):

* Ice water * All remote controls *Password list * Post-Notes & Small Notebook for LISTS *Scripture Memory Cards *Meds in EASY-OFF capped containers *List to keep track of when meds are taken *Nail file and Cuticle creme (I'm not doing dishes, so why not take full advantage for my nails? *Pens, highlighters and pencils. (I struggle, but I just might become ambidextrous over this experience!) * phone and computer charging cords!

The cellphone has been ever so wonderful to 'call' my hubby during the night to come get me out of the reclined chair. He is a deep sleeper, but with the phone right at his bedside table, he DID answer my beckoning. I remember in the 'olden days', when my Mom had to be bedridden, she had a bell to ring to get help.

Feeling badly for waking him up several times a night for help, I finally discovered that use of a smaller lightweight chair with a cushion could be easily moved with my feet - yet still give me a way to elevate my feet for 'bed time'.



Wild Orange, Frankincense and Lavender DoTerra Essential Oils are proving helpful for sleep and bruise healing. I'm new to all this, but if you need doTerra Products, please go to my site: my.doterra.com/londa

Feel FREE to share your knowledge of essential oils in the COMMENTS so we can all learn. My VERY knowledgeable holistic care-giver said rubbing Frankincense into the bruises on my arm (and breast) would be helpful - so I'm doing that and it has seemed to really expedite the healing. I'm also taking doTerra's Bone Nutrient - doubling the dosage per her suggestion to promote bone healing. Yep - I'm one of those 'health' nuts. My hubby and I even do BioFeedback! Don't ask me to explain it - I just am tellin' you it WORKS on my sciatic that screams occasionally.

It has also been striking how very much the strength I have in my left arm and legs has been helpful in getting up and around!!! Once healed, I'm positively for sure going to continue to do strength-building exercises and daily walking plus keeping my weight in check. It amazes me that so much of my wardrobe is 20+ years old!!! I keep pointing that out to my husband when he says I have so many clothes - well, it is because they still FIT.


  1. I've learned that whenEVER taking pain meds, DRINKING WATER (I add lemon juice) is crucial to avoid constipation. Enough said...

  2. Oh how VERY happy I am that I have a perm in my hair. I can wash it, put a bunch of 'goo' back into it and let air dry and actually feel OK to be seen in public like this! There is NO way I can get my right hand up to use a curling iron or blow dryer. I have, however, tried a curling Brush - that 'almost' works.

  3. Make-Up - well, more natural that's for sure! A little blush and lipstick and eyebrows is all I'm doing right now - all I CAN do but doing that - even left-handed, makes me feel better. By the way, I'm a fan of the Boomstick Trio by Cindy Joseph. Check them out HERE. Yes, they are at the big bad Amazon as well, but as one of the 'small businesses in the world, I always try to order direct instead of through the Amazon monster. I'm very loyal to my skin treatment regimen. I've been using Arbonne, but will be shifting to doTerra.

  4. Glasses. If you wear Contact Lenses, be sure to have glasses on hand as well. There is NO way I would be able to put in/take out contacts with my opposite hand. And, I'm picky about washing my lenses thoroughly every morning.

  5. For bathing, the thing to sit on in the tub is a life-saver! Every other day, I refresh myself with a bath. For once, I'm finally getting a good back scrub by hubby. :) With the Dr encouragement to move my arm more today, my showering while standing is on my 'soon' list - yeah!

  6. VERY stretchy, loose-fitting tank tops are my 'top' wardrobe, with loose, easy jogging style pants. And...NO bra!

  7. EATING with your 'other' hand surely slows one down, I can tell you. I find a plate or bowl with edges give me something to 'push' against. It's all pretty hilarious. But slowing down has definitely decreased how much I eat - and with the decreased energy expenditure, that's a good thing.



I quickly learned that without any structure for my brain, that the days stretched out way too long! Smart phone/internet in hand, I could spend all day going down many 'bunny trails' and accomplishing zippo! Here is what I do each day - for what it's worth:

  1. Start my day with Give Him 15 - a devotional by Dutch Sheets. I have this as an APP on my phone. https://www.givehim15.com/ You can read it - but I love his slow, loving purposeful delivery found as a YouTube link at the very bottom of each day. If I happen to miss a day, I can always catch up in the Archives. Try it - I pray it will bless you as it has me.

  2. Bible Study - I'm loving a Precept Study with other gals via Zoom on Genesis.

  3. Scripture Memory. This has been on my 'to do' list for way too long. I can't even manage one per day, but I am managing to memorize 1 every 2 days. I figure really getting fewer into my heart and brain is the best way. Scriptures that I had written out on cards several years ago have proven to be God-sent. These include: Proverbs 3:5-6 (my life verse); Joshua 24:15; James 4:8; Psalms 30:5; Isaiah 49:8; Romans 12:2; Phillippians 4:13; Psalms 119:71; Hebrews 4:16; Matthew 12:30; Psalms 16: 8-9 Practicing when I go to sleep at night has proven helpful in many ways. It also brings me to prayer for so many that I know facing far, far more challenging health and life issues.

  4. Activism. As a Christian American citizen privlieged to have a childhood of the 50's and 60's, I feel called to do everything I possibly can to return our country to the ideals upon which it was founded as outlined for us in our Constitution. I became interested in Patriot Academy and have served as a 'coach' for 2 classes now: Biblical Christianity and Constitution Alive. It is so, so sad how our country has diverged from the freedoms we are guaranteed. There is currently a FREE national class on Biblical Citizenship being offered on Monday nights 7-9 CST. You can register to be in 'my' class at this link: https://www.patriotacademy.com/coach/register/583 The class started July 5 and will extend for 8 weeks. It is via Zoom. To catch up on the WONDERFUL class from Monday 7/5 click on this link - and you can also register FREE there. https://coach.patriotacademy.com/week1/?inf_contact_key=099f7f8ac6353a4ebc55250ddfc69dcc7e470d92b8b75168d98a0b8cac0e9c09

My involvement with Patriot Academy helped me learn more about Article 5 of the Constitution - Convention of States. If you are like me and want fiscal responsibility (balanced budget), term limits, and a return to the powers for our 3 branches of government AS FOUND IN THE CONSTITUTION, go check out: www.conventionofstates.com My job is o the Follow-Up Team, contacting folks who indicate an interest to help and/or sign the petition.


  1. Fit 2 Stitch I met Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns during my travel days and could quickly see that she knew what she was talking about! Now...I have time to actually learn from her - especially her series Fit 2 Stitch on PBS. You'll find some of the episodes on YouTube, but if you want them all, you'll have to invest in DVD sets. I did just that - ordering Series 100. I'll be adding some of what I learned to my classes with more 'advanced' kid sewing students of mine in class this fall and I know it will open a new design world to them. I'd learned basic flat pattern in college - but Peggy takes it all to a new level that is FUN!

  2. THREADS INSIDER Of course, I enjoy Threads Magazine! I even had an article in one back some years ago on how to do a cowl top!!! I went ahead and joined the additional 'Insider' that is online. I am especially enjoying the historical stories about sewing that is found there.

My mantra has ALWAYS been: "Learn from as many sewing experts as you can! Give them all a try in your own sewing. Then...take from what you've learned what works for YOU, and then THAT is YOUR way of sewing!" I'm taking this 'down time' as my opportunity to do just that.



I know we've all retreated to the 'tube' for entertainment over the last 18 months. Here are my favorites. For what it's worth, I'm NOT a sports fan, nor do I want to watch shows that 'entertain' around murder. And, I love horses.

  1. HEARTLAND. This is a beautiful family-friendly series based around a horse farm. We found it on Amazon Prime, but now watch it on IMBD TV. A new episode is released every Thursday. Truly, truly almost 'Leave it to Beaver' for today's world. The scenery in Canada is outstanding, as are the plots. You can find intro at YouTube.

  2. WILDFIRE. Another 'horse' topic show. Again, through Prime. We are enjoying it now.

  3. EXPLORE THE CHATEAU. My sister got me onto this one - found through my ROKU on Peacock TV. Dick and Angel are a very entertaining couple who laugh at EVERYTHING! They move from England to France where they purchase a Chateau built in the 1860's. I know you'll join me in smiling through every minute of this wonderful, creative entertainment as they remodel this crumbling Chateau into a Wedding/entertainment venue/home. Truly a GEM! Be sure to check it out!!!!!

  4. A few others we found on IMBD TV: Everwood, Switched at Birth. Up Faith and Family channel at Prime is also worth the monthly investment. I figure, if you're side-lined for a spell, subscribing for some extras for a couple of months is actually less than eating out. I'll just be checking my Subscriptions at my Amazon Account to delete the ones I don't really need any longer.

  5. PBS Passport Series. I love historical movies and fiction as well. Living through challenges of the past put my life and its challenges in perspective.


I'm old enough to know that accepting help from others is truly a graceful thing to do, but this experience has served to emphasize this to me and to remind me to put serving others on the top of my TO DO list! The many many meals from the Dorcus Ministry at church and other friends has been priceless!!! Most especially this is true when it is the regular 'cook' who is disabled for a spell. Cards and calls mean oh SO much! Friends have 'poufed' my hair, swept my rugs and kitchen floor, and delivered returns to UPS. OH my - what a HELP this has been!!!

Altogether, I can see God's hand all over this 'fall'. I've been reminded once again in a very very real way that HE is in control, not me. And, for that - I will ever be grateful.

'For better or worse' has a new meaning as well. My dear husband was even good enough to do some flowerbed weeding!

That long metal stick you see at the lower right is me pointing to weeds for him to dig up.....

With the orders to increase the movement of my right arm, I've decided that I can likely manage vacuuming and steam-mopping the kitchen floor soon - for which I know he will be ever SO grateful.

I was raised in a good German family where every dinner was topped off with some sweet dessert. Even though we hardly ever do this on our diets today, I (sadly) asked that no desserts be included in the meals brought in.

HOWEVER, my advice for living through a life-changing physical 'event' would not be complete without admitting to and recommending ending each day with a bit of CHOCOLATE.

I'm confident that many of you have been through similar and far more challenging events - so I encourage you to share in the COMMENTS below. Thanks for taking time to read this pretty much NON-Sewing Blog Post!

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