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Wedding duds MOST done…

YES – almost there! You can see my gown finally basted together, top to bottom. I had a fitting on it with my bride,and I WAS able to get it on and off – without extending the zip into the skirt. YEA!! I think I feel svelte in it – but I’m afraid of perspiration under the arms…may change that yet…and need my hem pinned. Tina – here I come!

Here’s my bride – after a trying day as a preschool teacher,and then going through all the plans for the wedding once again. She was so cute – ‘enjoying ‘being a bride’ – taking it all in. The veil made me cry. She’s going to wear the blusher down – and so that means the little flowers will have to be sewn on both sides on that portion of the veil – and we’ll need to take care where they go around her face.

REally only have left then the veil, the buttons up the back, the bustling loop, and some beads replaced on the bodice and straps. Fell asleep re-doing some of the lace border work last night in front of the TV…then was time to quit! I do feel I have it all under control now though…

Such fun!!!

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