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UP-Cycled Scarf-Bottomed Jeans Skirts

The idea of long scarves pieced together to create the lower part of an up-cycled jeans skirt turned out to be spectacular skirts for these 2 young sewing students.  My student gets the credit – finding a picture inspiring this skirt design online.


Start with Jeans that fit at the waist.  Cut off legs below the pockets (maintaining inside pocket parts on the front).  Un-stitch the crotch seam in the front up to the zipper, and at the center back up to where the curve of the crotch begins.  Fold one side in a vertical fold, overlapping the other side.  Re-stitch by topstitching.  W e used a matching navy thread instead of trying to duplicate the heavier topstitching thread, as the colorful scarf bottom part is the ‘eye-catching’ part anyway.  The time we had to complete this project was just 3 hours, so we had to ‘make haste’.  On top of that, I’d never fashioned a skirt like this before…

The girls wanted to maintain the entire back pockets, but that really made the silhouette too ‘under the butt’ in the back.  We determined that the most flattering line for the bottom of the jeans to which the scarves connect was one that was longer at the center front and back, subtly curving up at the side seam. This can be seen clearly upon closer inspection of the blue-toned ‘softer’ skirt on the blonde gal.

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